Conference Dates
24-27 January 2017
همایش نگار


This is my great honor to inform you that Iranian Petroleum Geomechanics Association in collaboration with National Iran Oil Company-Exploration Directorate (NIOC-Exp.) Shahrood University of Technology and European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) are going to hold the 2nd National Conference on Petroleum Geomechanics on January 24-26 2017 in NIOC-Exp in Tehran.As stated by the participants of the 1st National Conference on Petroleum Geomechanics this conference provides a productive atmosphere for the exchange of experience amongst the thoughtful researchers and masterminds of Petroleum Geomechanics.So we ask both the industry and university to pledge their support for the accomplishment of such an important national event on planning and convening the upcoming conference.To this end allcompanies organizations academic and industrial research centers are kindly invited to participate/ collaborate with the conference by submitting papers,taking part in technical panels and exhibitions promote Petroleum Geomechanics efficiency in different sectors of oil and gas industries in Iran.

Ahmad Ramezanzadeh,PhD
Conference Chairman

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